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A diverse range of delicious dishes, from classic comfort foods and international cuisine to healthy salads and sides, all prepared with fresh ingredients and expert culinary techniques to satisfy every palate and appetite.


A tantalizing array of small bites and appetizers, perfect for sharing or enjoying as a light meal, with options ranging from classic favorites like crispy calamari and shrimp cocktails to more adventurous options like beer-battered pickles  and raw oysters from our delicious food menu

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A diverse selection of delicious and satisfying dishes from our restaurant menu, including classic comfort foods, international cuisine, and healthy options, designed to satisfy every palate and appetite. We also have a fresh seafood menu

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Entrée Salads

A variety of fresh, hearty salads from our restaurant menu that’s packed with protein and veggies, from classic Caesar salads to modern options like roasted veggie salads.


A tempting selection of delicious accompaniments to any meal, from classic fries and onion rings to healthier options like steamed vegetables and salads, ensuring that every meal is perfectly balanced and satisfying


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*Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risks of food borne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions